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9.9.2012. - The resignation of Vladimir Belic as Director of youth football school FC Volley

Vlada with team in Split 2007.

Dear Sirs,

From deep moral, human and sporting reasons resign as director of youth football school FC Volley.

Director of the academy I was elected 14.3.2012. at the meeting of the Board of the club.

There I accepted the position as a huge commitment, but also as a reward for everything I did as a coach for FC Volley over the past 11 years.

My vision of the academy, and the whole club was to be the strongest base Volley talent in the Raska region. These talents should be developed within the school football pioneer, cadet and youth teams FC Volley, and talented they were later "forwarded" bigger and richer clubs. With those players who stayed at FC Volley, later to create the first team, which went from the lowest league competition in the senior team and be steeled the youngest of 18. In addition there were a number of facts:

- The domination of all selections FC Volley in FA Raska district,

- 10 players from FC Volley went to the clubs of the highest rank,

- Two representatives,

- Successful cooperation with FC Goc.

Now, when it was perhaps more important to all of this as real patient 11 years after extremely stressful and hard work, was crowned the realization of such a vision of me, there was an incredible range of activities and procedures at the expense of FC Volley, thus the my detriment and to the detriment of my work.

Leaving aside this time to analyze all of these factors, which are known to the Board of the club and the wider sporting public in the Raska region, I believe that I failed to realize his own vision of progress FC Volley, which was also the vision of the whole club.

In this way, I failed to respond to requests that involve the acceptance of one such responsible positions as director of the academy.

As a highly moral man, who above all has a huge responsibility for everything he does or what he did, I realized that my role in this function makes no sense.

Because of this I resign as director of the academy.

My successor and complete FC Volley want to continue the successful work and win trophies.

Vladimir Belić, Coach

2.8.2012. - Vladimir Belic resigned as head coach of FC Goc - FC Volley and FK Goc finished cooperation - infamously

Because of the vast differences in the organization of cooperation between the two clubs, the functioning of the cooperation and understanding of the football philosophy on and off the court, Vladimir Belic has submitted his resignation as head coach of FC Goc.

- My most sincere thanks to all the players honest and correct cooperation and the beautiful friendship that I will remember for a lifetime! My conscience is completely quiet. In the past year, I worked my job honorably, fairly and free. I had a vision of a successful club for two years to get promoted to a higher quality and have a quality youth team. In achieving this vision I managed half. With a crew of young team I won the title in FA Raska district after 10 years and was ranked second in the FAR Serbian League West. I won with the seniors 6th Place in the championship and Cup FA Raska district after 17 years. I believed in myself and my work and I managed to convey to all the players, as well as on FC Goc. Because we succeed together. Then, find someone to spoil it. Current problems and critical disagreement about the functioning of the youth team and FC Volley cooperation with the main reasons why I quit. There have been very ugly things that have nothing to do with my understanding of football, fair play and life in general! Such an outcome of cooperation between FC Volley and FC Goc, as well as all the inconvenience I have experienced about that, they left me in a devastating impact. That's why I'm leaving. Pure cheek! - said Vladimir Belic.

Vlada posle ulaska omladinaca FK Goč u 2. ligu

20.6.2012. - FC Goc achieved fantastic results - 3 cups and place in the second league

Senior and youth team FC Goc, led by coach Vladimir Belic, managed to win 3 trophy after many years! Seniors have won the Cup of Vrnjačka Banja and FA Raška District Cup after 17 years. The championship took the 6th great place.

Seniors team FC Goc 2011/2012.

Seniors team FC Goc 2011/2012

Seniors team FC Goc 2011/2012.

Seniors team FC Goc 2011/2012.

Seniors team FC Goc - Cup winners FARD 2011/2012

Seniors team FC Goc 2011/2012.

Youth team won the title in FA Raska district after 10 years and managed to qualify for the second league under the patronage of the FAR West Serbia. Draskovic Paul was the best scorer with 24 championship goals scored!

Youth team FC Goc 2011/2012.

Youth team FC Goc - FARD champions 2011/2012

Omladinci FK Goč 2011/2012.

Created all football preconditions that the next season was even more successful, and cooperation with FC Volley, from which should to cross 25 players for cadet and youth team FC Goc.

On that occasion, Vladimir Belic said:

- As a coach, I was trying to give up their best both physically and mentally to this story work. At one point I was due to surgery vein was absent five days, but then I kept it under control. With my work and knowledge I was able to for the 11 months of a neglected motivate the team, learn to play football and the physical preparation to achieve what they have achieved. In this way, the football way, as a trainer, I have demonstrated character, attitude, behavior level, responsibility, honesty, respect all agreements, recognizing all the players and I had time for everyone. With these facts and the results achieved I set homework for all those who tried to me as a man and as a coach insult and humiliate. All of them are down below. I will have to continue to work the same way and I hope the same terms and agreement with the management of the club, so I can win a title as a coach that I only miss - FARD senior title. I believe so, and I dream about it! I emphasize, the greatest credit goes to the players FC Goc. I was there to help them do that, and to show them and make sure them that they are worth it and deserve to be champions. A big thank players for their support and for believing in my work!

12.6.2012. - FC Volley won the battle for Milena Trnavac

After almost two years, FC Volley was able to prove that the transition Milena Trnavac - from FC Volley in Mašinac WFC from Nis, was improper and that the guilt of the first man WFC Mašinac - Perica Krstic.

Milena Trnavac - odluka  Milena Trnavac

Vladimir Belic was persistent in proving irregularities, although after the original decision in favor of FC Volley a strange way there that reversing the decision. However, after a series of complaints and after constructive talks with leaders of the Serbian FA, made the final decision in favor of FC Volley. This decision is in accordance with the regulations of Serbian FA and UEFA.

- Perica Krstic has deceived us promise Milena will be go by the regulation, and that will benefit everyone. He did the exact opposite, and thus tried to show that the WFC Mašinac first club for Milena Trnavac! Also, this act was "crushed" by the club as well as 7 years of working with super talented Milena. Now everyone knows what the truth is, although it was difficult to prove. Most importantly, Milena still progressing in her career, and I hope to never forget where it started and where it all learned! - said Vladimir Belic, Director of youth football school FC Volley.

3.2.2012. - FC Volley - 10 years

Speech of Vladimir Belic:

Dear members and friends of the club, dear children and parents, distinguished guests,

When we were at the beginning of our story, which is called Football Club Volley, the more we talked and explained what we want to achieve and accomplish with our team, because we did not have the means to introduce and justify the work! We made some promises and how we do it and that is our main goal. Many believed in us and welcomed our ideas. Some, however, say that we are not honest and it's short lived.

Today, when we celebrate ten years of these promises 10 years of service, 10 Ways to want to thank those who believed in us and 10 Ways to proudly want to respond to those who say there is nothing of it!

Today, when we have certainly something to be proud of and justify our work and our promises, I'll talk a little bit, and the rest is history you'll see a short video presentation that was symbolically named Odysseus 2001.

In the end I just want to clarify that the promise 2001th year, and we repeat every year:

FC Volley aims to within 10 years to create a player that will become a national team of Serbia!

Do we fulfill the promise?

There are 3 short answer:

  1. Have won four national titles in FA Raska district and one title of vice-champion in the international tournament in Split as well as 20 titles in other competitions,
  2. 9 FC Volley players went to the Super League clubs FS Serbia,
  3. FC Volley was created by two representatives of Serbia - Milena Trnavac and Alexandar Vukotic!

The road was a thorny, but at the end covered with orchids.

Odyssey continues.

Go Volley!

Gratuating diplomas were given to:

Mijajlović Marko, Radičević Nikola i Zdravković Mario.

Special diploma and dress for football talent and club loyalty were given to:

Jakovljević Aleksandar i Ignjatović Stefan.

Diplomas and cups of fair-play were given to:

Vuković Željko i Nedeljković Gavrilo.

Silver medal for five years club loyalty were given to:

Bošković Vladimir, Janković Božidar, Perović Đorđe i Anđelković Milen.

Gold medal for ten years club loyalty were given to:

Miladinović Veljko i Vukojević Vuk.

Crnoglavac Predrag was given diploma and medal for the best player of the 2010. year in FC Volley.

Vukotić Aleksandar was given diploma and medal for the best player since 2001. to 2011. year in FC Volley.

Sponsor celebration - Vision Laser System, Taša sport and Elementary School "Popinski borci".

Aleksandar Vukotić - Farewell to the best player in the history of FC Volley

This summer, after 9 years, from FC Volley in FC Sloga – Kraljevo went the best player in the history of FC Volley, Aleksandar Vukotić.

Aleksandar Vukotić

For FC Volley has played the most matches and gave the highest number of goals. He was the best when it was most difficult. Aca is a great player and an even better person, and before him is a great football career.

Played games for FC Volley: 227
Goals for FC Volley: 175


  • Champion FSRO: 2007., 2008. and 2011.
  • Cup FSRO: 2007.
  • Cup FSO Vrnjacka Banja 2007.
  • Best young sportsman Vrnjačka Banja municipality: 2007.
  • Member of the best young team Vrnjacka Banja municipality: 2006., 2007. and 2009.
  • The best player of FC Volley 2009.
  • Top scorer of FSRO 2010/2011.
  • Champion Mc Donald's winter league 2010.

FC Volley and FK Goč started cooperation - Vladimir Belić new coach of FC Goč

25/07/2011. FC Volley and FC Goč to mutual cooperation and progress have signed a cooperation agreement for a period of one year.

Vladimir Belić accepted the challenge to train seniors and youngsters. As a proven professional with the highest results achieved in working with youth categories in the Raska district, Belić will try to complete the titles with the younger teams, and as the most important task is to rejuvenate seniors and the introduction of proper training process, which should give results within the next two years. Within this cooperation there has been a mutual exchange of players and those who want the best and FC Volley and FC Goč volunteer work!

29.5.2011. - Cadets FC Volley are the champions in Raska district FA for 2010/2011.

Interview: Vladimir Belic for VRT television after winning champions

Cadets FC Volley are the champions in Raska district FA for 2010/2011. year. The title they won in a brilliant manner without lost the game! This is the best generation in the history of FC Volley. All they have done and achieved it seemed like magic! That helped them to coaches who have worked with them.

27.12.2010. - FC Volley - 9 years

Gratuating diplomas were given to:

Stranjanac Lazar, Bošković Vladimir, Janković Božidar i Perović Đorđe.

Silver medal for five years club loyalty was given to:

Čeperković Marko.

Special diploma and dress for football talent and club loyalty were given to:

Crnoglavac Predrag, Stevanović Dejan i Vuković Željko.

Diplomas and cups of fair-play were given to:

Ignjatović Stefan, Ristić Dimitrije i Radojević Uroš.

Miladinović Veljko was given diploma and medal for the best player of the 2010 year in FC Volley.

Sponsor celebration: Vision Laser System, Taša Sport i Asocijacija "Mladi za mlade".

Farewell to Princess

05/15/2010. Milena's officially goodbye to football jersey with the emblem of the football club Volley.

During these 7 years she has played 203 matches and scored 47 goals.

In his bright future has ovation accompanied his teammates and their message: "Milena, we love you!".

Milena is in FC Volley came in December 2003.


  • Champion FSRO: 2008.
  • Cup FSRO: 2007.
  • Cup FSO Vrnjacka Banja 2007.
  • Best young sportswoman Vrnjačka Banja municipality 2007. and 2009.
  • Member of the best young team Vrnjacka Banja municipality 2006., 2007. and 2009.
  • Champion Mc Donald's winter league 2010.

FAR trophies for Milena, George and Paul

Milena Trnavac ends his career at FC Volley and went to the WFC Masinac from Nis. On that occasion, FS Raska district assigned to her great award for her talent and achievements since 2005. to 2010.

Sportista godine 2009

George Drobnjak is the best scorer in the FAR pioneer league's in the season 2009/2010. In 18 games, 24 goals scored. George Drobnjak is a master of the dribble. George is one of the best players and scorers in FC Volley.

Sportista godine 2009

Paul Drašković is the best scorer in the FAR cadet league's in the season 2009/2010. In 22 games, 29 goals scored. It is extremely fast and durable and its technical characteristics are at the highest level. With better work and persistence it will fail to reach the top! FC Volley assist him in this.

Sportista godine 2009

The best sport person - Volley won 3 prestigious awards

3 titles and 5 nominations is the result of the annually awarding for the best sport person of the year 2009 in municipality of Vrnjacka Banja:

The best sport person 2009

The best young sport person girls, 16 years old – Milena Trnavac

The best young team – pioneers FC Volley

The best coach for young categories – Vladimir Belic

All awards were absolutely deserved, but one of them is very special for us, the best young team of the year, second time in a row, shows quality work and great talent of our kids in FC Volley.

These titles are also continuing the success from previous years.

The best sport person 2009

The best sport person 2009

The best sport person 2009

FC Volley McDonald's Champion winter League

Football club "Volley" (generation 95/96) won the championship in the winter "McDonald's" League for season 2009/2010.

Final is played between three teams by point system. In the first game FC Sloga celebrated with a 3-0 against the Volley, and the next is defeated reuzltatom 3-1 by FC Bip from Cacak. In the last game of Volley for the title of champion needed a victory over FC Bip from Cacak four goals difference. FC Volley were led by great Milena Trnavac reached the title with a fantastic game and the respect of tactical ideas and arrangements before the game, present public class football and celebrate in a dramatic finale by - victory of 5:1. The hero of the match was George Drobnjak, a scorer and an assistant at four goals and two goals scored Aleksandar Vukotic and Zeljko Vukovic.

This triumph FC Volley has provided a continuation of the competition, and if the everything is occurred as the previous seasons final tournament will be held in Belgrade.

8 years of existence and work of FC Voley - 28.12.2009.

8 years of existence and work of FC Voley

8 years of existence and work of FC Voley

8 years of existence and work of FC Voley

Gratuating diplomas were given to PETROVIC SASA, ANDJELKOVIC MILEN and CEPERKOVIC MARKO.


SPECIAL DIPLOMA and dress FOR FOOTBALL TALENT AND CLUB LOYALTY, sponsored by JP Direkcija za urbanizam i izgradnju Vrnjačka Banja, were given to DROBNJAK DJORDJE and PEROVIC DJORDJE.




Sponsor celebration - Laser Vision System.

Street champions league

FC Volley won 3. place in Street champions league 2009. in Vrnjačka Banja.

As the youngest team in this league, we have shown that, beside the talent and sport behavior, we have a future!

The best player and the best scorer was Đorđe Perović - 12 goals.

street liga šampiona 2009.

Street champions league 2009.

FC Volley - 3. place, generation 1999.

Milen Radenković (coach)
Đorđe Perović, Božidar Janković, Nikola Perović
Petar Petković, Nikola Ćirković, Aleksa Rakić

Seven years of existing of FC Volley

SEVEN YEARS of existing of FC Volley, we celebrated in Vrnjacka Banja, 27.12.2008.

OPENING SPEACH from Vladimir Belić

7 years of football

Seven is magic number!
Volley is perfection in football!
Мagic + perfect = ideal, an illusion that gives you headache!

7 years of life

FC Volley was founded 7 years ago.
Magic and perfect in one sentence.
We surely don’t want to impose on you that our club is perfect!
But also we are certainly not an illusion and we don’t lilve in an illusion!

7 years of Volley

We have no intention to disturb the order 7 wonders of the world,
because we are modest and real.
Bat we have the need to say that across 7 hills and 7 seas
wearing shoes of 7 miles we managed to go far!

When we turn back and look at the things behind us we see 7 deep trails.
It was worth it!

Volley is the club that has represented Vrnjacka Banja in the best light on every football level.
Volley = Vrnjacka Banja, how magical it sounds in Milano, Split!
How champion-like it sounds in Serbia.
Yes, Volley is the champion of football game 2 years in a row!

Tho most responsibile for its success are the children of Volley, little wizards
who don’t need 7 miles’ shoes – we are the ones who need them
so that we could catch up with their talent and direct them towards perfection.

Here are our champions!

But they aren’t the only champions from our club.
Younger generation of children is also the first.
They are very talented and will certanly take the stary road.

And in football school there are the children whos time will come.

There are 50 boys and 1 girl in FC Volley!
I know some clubs in which there are over 200 or 300 children.
However every time I look at the board, they are always beneath us!



SPECIAL DIPLOMA and dress FOR FOOTBALL TALENT AND CLUB LOYALTY, sponsored by JP Direkcija za urbanizam i izgradnju Vrnjačka Banja, was given to ALEKSANDAR VUKOTIĆ AND LUKA GAŠIĆ.

VLADIMIR PETROVIĆ was given DIPLOMA AND MEDAL FOR THE BEST PLAYER OF THE 2008 year in FC Volley, sponsored by Vision Laser System.

Volley is unique, Volley is worthy, Volley is fair!
Volley is the pride and joy of its children, their parents and us who work with them.
For them, for us, for the club, for Vrnjacka Banja!

Go Volley!

The best sport person

4 titles and 5 nominations is the result of the annually awarding for the best sport person of the year 2007 in municipality of Vrnjacka Banja:

  • The best young sport person girls, 12 years old - Milena Trnavac
  • The best young sport person boys, 12 years old - Aleksandar Vukotic
  • The best young team - pioneers FC Volley
  • The best coach for young categories - Vladimir Belic.

All awards were absolutely deserved, but one of them is very special for us, the best young team of the year, second time in a row, shows quality work and great talent of our kids in FC Volley.

These titles got back our memories and reminds us about last year when the winners were: Djordje Drobnjak - the best sport person till 12 years, Goran Vuceljic - the best sport person of the year, FC Volley - the best youngest team.

Six years of excisting of FC Volley

SIX YEARS of excisting of FC Volley, we celebrated in cinema hall in Vrnjacka Banja, 22.12.2007. The celebrating academy was visited by 200 guests, who had a chance to enjoy watching film "The road to the stars" and awards giving too.

Then, Vladimir Belic, general secretary and coach in FC Volley, IN OPENING SPEACH, pointed all imported moments.and events, FC Volley passed thrue in competition year of 2006/2007. He specialy pointed the title in pioneer league of FAR, FAR cup for youger pioneers, title for the best young team in 2006 of Vrnjacka Banja and second place in Adriatic Cup in Split.

THE TOP OF THE NIGHT WAS MOVIE PLAYING, "THE ROAD TO THE STARS". Film shows last year in FC Volley, in wich our kids won 14 titles! Applause that came from the audiance after the film presentation told more then words could tell.

The most celebrated part of the evening was GIVING OF DIPLOMAS AND SILVER MEDALS.

Gratuating diplomas were given to: Milena Trnavac, Nikola Karovic, Luka Gasic, Djordje Trmcic and Dejan Stevanovic.

Silver medals, sponsored by VISION LASER SYSTEM, were given to: Petar Petrovic, Vladimir Petrovic, Aleksandar Vukotic, Djordje Drobnjak, Stefan Iricanin and Predrag Crnoglavac.

Special diploma and dress number 4 for FOOTBALL TALENT AND CLUB LOYALTY, sponsored by fashion house HIR, was given to ZELJKO UDOVICIC.

STEFAN IRICANIN was given diploma and medal for the BEST PLAYER OF THE 2007 year in FC Volley, sponsored by VISION LASER SYSTEM.

All dipolomas and silver medals were given by club management, president and general secretary.

Miomir Mihajlovic said tanks to everybody in the hall and invited them to have a party!

Go volley!!!

Mitteleuropa - Adriatic Cup 2007 - Split

FC Volley made great succes in International tournament Mitteleuropa - Adriatic Cup 2007 - Split..
1100 boys had a part in this tournament from 15 european countries in more then 70 teams.

Two aims have been achieved:

1. to prove that, going to Croatia with no problems there; better time is in front of us,

2. to make good result, to represent our selves like football players and in any other way,

About the host

We spent very nice 5 days in Croatia, there were no problems there. Their hospitality and kindness made a great pleasure for us. Our thoughts were dedicated to football only. Hotel Medena in Trogir was great, food was delicious!

About the tournament

Little pioneers – generation 94./95.- took 4. place!

Fighting for 3.place game, we made 2 wins, NK Baranja 2-1 and NK Dugopolje 3-0 and one game loss from NK Tomislav 0-2, which was the winner of the tournament for 94. generation.
In 3. place game, we played with FC Gerasdofr from Wiena. We were much better then they in this game, had a lot of chances, but luck of lucky and finaly 4. place for us.
Tears and sad at the end but it was great experience for our boys.

Pioneer- generation 92.-93. took 2. place!

On the way to final game, FC Volley won NK Tomislav 2-0, lost from FC Union Haag 1-2, and won FC Gerasdofr 3-2. The game with FC Gerasdofr was real football war on the green field, result was our through the game, 1-0, 2-1 and 3-2. The winning goal was scored in the last seconds of the game!
Great will, persistence and bigotry resulted the great won!
In final game we played with FC Inter from Bratislava. They are Slovakian champion.
We lost that game, 1-0, the goal was scored in the last seconds of the first half. Our only weapon in this game was very nice tactic because they were much stronger and better then us.
Our tactic was based on 5-3-2 configuration, defense was our secret weapon. We lost that game but we weren’t sad, second place is a great success. We did our best but they were better in that game.

Annotation: FC Volley didn’t have a goalkeeper at the tournament, for both teams, goalkeeper was Stefan Iricanin, born 1994. and he was fantastic!

We spent 6 days in Split Riviera and we did our best to represent our club, our city, Serbian football, and our country!

We have got dreams and we know how to come them true! We believe!

FC Volley – first 5 years - 22.12.2006.

Five years of excisting and celebrating of FC Volley has been celebrated in celebrating room of Termal bath in Vrnjacka Banja.
The celebrating academy was visited by 250 guests, who had a chance to enjoy watching extraordinary presentation of FC Volley and awards ceremony.

Celebration started by video clip, named ONE TEAM , in wich FC Volley says thank to all who has been helping club.

Then, Vladimir Belic, generally secretary and coach, pointed all important moments and events, FC Volley has passed thru, he also presented the way of work In club and developing vision of the club in next period. VREMEPLOV is name of the clip which told this story.

The YOUNG PLAYERS PRESENTATION caused big and loud applause! Every boy has been presented on big video screen, photo, a career, the all moments of interest in FC Volley they spent.

The top of the night was DIPLOMA AND SILVER MEDALS GIVING.

Boys who graduated at football school are:
Vladimir Petrović, Bojan Pavlović, Aleksandar Vukotić, Đorđe Drobnjak, Stefan Iričanin i Predrag Crnoglavac.

Silver medals and watches, MABOSA gift, for five years club loyalty have been given to following boys:
Đorđe Mihajlović, Dejan Džamić, Stefan Marinković, Mladen Artinović, Lazar Janković, Marko Artinović, Nikola Drašković, Veljko Miladinović, Damjan Mirić, Vuk Vukojević i Dušan Mirić.

Special diploma for football talent and for club loyalty also and FC Volley dress number 10, Modna Kuca HIR gift, have been given to Milena Trnavac.

Diploma for the best player in FC Volley in period from 2001. to 2006. and dress number 10, Modna Kuca HIR gift, have been given to Djordje Mihajlovic.

The following persons had speech:
Miomir Mihajlovic, Milanko Milicevic, Vladan Vicentijevic and Dane Stanojcic.

At the end, to spice up the ceremony, the ceremony, which has been never before seen in Vrnjacka Banja, two spots were shown up: DIPLOMCI AND FC Volley BOYS. The main roles in those spots were given to FC Volley young players and their fans!

After 90 minutes, party continued with glass of vine and juice among friends!

Go Volley!!!

FC Volley in Split

In the meeting with parents, held on 27.10.2006., FC Volley decided to accept an invitation to take a part in Mitteleuropa - Adriatic Cup 2007 - Split in next april in Split!

FC Volley will be first club from Serbia which will take a part in this tournament, categories, younger pioneers (boys born 94.) and pioneers (boys born 92.)! We expect that everything will be OK and also expect support from Ministery of sport of Republic of Serbia. We want to represent Serbian football, our country and our municipality, the best way we can!

We believe that we will make good contacts with clubs from Croatia, first of all, with NK Hajduk, and with clubs from Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and Bosnia and Herzigovina, also. All those contacts will help us to organize Volley Cup tournament in may, 2007, which will be very good for municipality of Vrnjacka Banja and for our club also.

FC Volley in Milano

FC Volley visited AC Milan in period from 21.04 to 25.04.2005. in Milano. During the visit, 3 friendly matches were played between these two football schools and results were more then very good for FC Volley:

Boys 92-96: AC Parabiago - FC Volley 0:1 (revial match) scorer: Bojan Pavlovic

Boys 92-93: AC Pogliano - FC Volley 1:3 scorer: Bojan Pavlovic 3 goals

Boys 94-95: AC Pogliano - FC Volley 1:2 scorers: Aleksandar Vukotic and Lazar Jankovic.

Very interesting thing happened second day of our visit. The host invited boys from many milano football schools with only one aim, to destroy FC Volley, but our little football virtuosos were very inspired and demonstrated gorgeous football skill and destroyed the greates AC Milan in two marvelous matches!

First night of our visit, we were given a great opportunity to watch a league match at San Siro, Milano vs Parma (3:0) enjoying in wonderful ambient the famous tifoses only can make .

Going back home, team, parents and funs of FC Volley, visited Verona.

FC Volley thanks to all who helped this visit to be successful and unforgettable, especially we would like to thank to A.C. Parabiago and A.C. Pogliano, and to all people from the restaurant in tennis club in Parabiago!

There is a man who was the head of this action and who did everything to make this visit unforgettable and successful. He surpassed all problems and successfully organized this wonderful visit. His name is Ljuba Stamenic and we want to thank to him from the heart!




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